10+ Easy RV Hacks, Remodel & Makeover That Make Living Design

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A design remodel does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money that makes you break your bank. Well, you can do this, especially if you like RV-ing to some great places near your area. It is possible to make an affordable remodel. For example, you can transform your traditional RV from the rectangular box on the wheels into a welcoming and spacious tiny home. The tips here are great for you who love spending your weekend adventures or full-time living experience outside of your home.

To start, it is good to complete your RV trailer with some interesting features in the living room. For example, it is good to have space-saving furniture pieces such as a sofa that you can fold into a comfortable daybed. So, you can watch TV there or take a nap. Even better, make sure that you support your RV design remodel with the addition of smart built-in storage. Also, you can complete your tiny space with a big-screen TV, electric fireplace, and Blu-Ray player.

What can you do to make an RV design remodel, especially for the bathroom? Well, you can make something simple from the easy steps. First, make sure that you complete the bathroom with a full-sized tub, all-in-one washer and dryer, toilet, and shower.

The last thing to do when it comes to RV design remodel is about considering the setup. It is possible to complete your tiny home with good things even though you only have 269 square feet to enjoy your life. For the first floor, it is about 180 square feet. It is the place for you to find your kitchen, living room, and bathroom. For the second floor, it can be the right place for the sleeping loft with the extra 89 square feet. So, here you can check our gallery.

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