28+ inspirational and Creative DIY Recycle Lampshades Ideas

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If you need an easy and cheap way to upgrade any light in your room, then you might want to consider these lampshades ideas. As you know purchasing a new lamp fixture is very expensive and some of us might not want to spend that huge amount just to change the appearance of a lamp.

To cope with this problem, you can actually create various lampshades as a DIY project that you can do on the weekend. You can create them using old shade that you recycle so it can have new and better appearance.

Of course, if you want, you can also use any other material to create the shade that you want to have for your lamp. As long as the material is pretty enough, you surely find a creative way to use it as lampshade. Especially nowadays people actually use various items as a shade even though those items are not created to be used as a shade.

You need to be creative with your lampshades ideas since there is no limit on what kind of material that you want to use. Still you need to be careful and make sure that the material you use is not easily burned which can be dangerous.

You can cope this problem when you use LED lamp since this type of lamp does not get heated when turned on. Thus, it is pretty safe to use with any kind of shade that you create with your DIY project.

You can also try to put some distance with the shade and the actual lightbulb to prevent anything from happening. But still the shade should be able to control the light that comes out from the lightbulb so it is actually function as one.

Still some people might want to see these lampshades ideas so they can create creative any beautiful shade to be used in various theme.

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