30+ Luxury The Home With The Silver Slide

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It is amazing if you can complete your home design with something that you want. Also, it tells people about who you are. It is also amazing if you know what you can do to make your home is more fun. There are some great ways to make sure that people will envy when they come into your living space.

As you can find here, the home has some interesting features. The first is about the white brick walls that add more textures to space. Additionally, the wooden bench makes you want to sit there because the bench looks stunning and inviting. The throw pillow with polka dot completes the space. When the sofa is not enough to accommodate some guests, of course you do not mind sitting on the wooden bench to enjoy the day.

Other than that, this space looks perfect with the natural wood tones. The hardwood flooring along with the divider between the living space and the kitchen looks great. We also love how the natural wood tones can complete the darker shade of brown, white, and gray in this house.

The home has a luxurious design that you even do not find any decorative pieces on the wall. The window has the shade, and the kitchen has gray flooring. There is nothing special on the walls because the designer used textures to play around. It looks more inviting because the space is so fun, thanks to the grey slide. It seems so much fun if you go down to the living space by using the slide.

We can say that the owner of this home has a different and unusual taste to decorate the home. it is all about so much fun interior design but still looks clean, neat, and inviting. You can check our gallery to find more inspiring images to start decorating your interior design.

image source : pinterest.com

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