25 Stunning Summer House of The Head Of IKEA

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If in case you have ever needed to grow to be in a country home in which you might need a direct contact with nature, you want to have a peek at Lilla Torpet. This home was re-designed by proprietor and thoughts of Ikea in Spain, Lorenzo Meazza.

Throughout a quick keep in Sweden, he turned affectionate of the tradition, customs, and the fashionable natural environment of the Nordic woods. Although he labored in city, he all the time sought to get a pristine, distant space the place he may readily unwind and affiliate with character. He discovered Lilla Torpet which means cabin a again gem hid in a lush Swedish woods.

Surprisingly, this transformed home was initially assembled in the latter space of the eighteenth century. Many generations of farmers have dwelt in that home, with minimal modification. Nonetheless, Meazza was the one that added energy, water and a modern bathroom. All these colors are incessantly utilized to color furniture in that area. They transmit power. As well as, he put a mirror in a tactical place that displays the woods.

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