25+ Exciting Quiet Yet Axiomatic Interior

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What do you think when you have to design a long, narrow space? In this gallery, you can see how the interior has something different because the space is narrow. Still, the safest choice to go is white as the backdrop to dominate the room. You can use white for the door, window, and wall. There are many ways to deal with interior design in the white room.

For example, it is good to know about the best colors that can completely white. After that, apply the best colors for a white room in most of the areas, including the flooring design and the furniture you need.

As you can find here, this room also comes with natural wood tones. Even it goes the same for the dining chairs and the table. White and natural wood tones are the best way to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere design. Next, you can let the ceiling in blue to give a fresh look. Since the room is small because the floor plan is narrow, it is good to add less decorative details on the walls. You can hang two to three wall arts or photographs of your family, as well.

Next, it is time to add some decorative details to add a splash of colors to your space. Indoor plants can be the right choice. Place some indoor plants not far from the window. The last thing to do is to make sure that you highlight the space with a unique pendant lighting and mirror.

Here, you can check our gallery to find more inspiring ideas about how to work with the interior design. It is possible to find some exciting and quiet interior design that can complete your life. We have some collections just to make sure that you can find some more ideas here, after reading our post.

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