25 Awesome Exceptional Carriage House Conversions

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If you are living in carriage house, then you are lucky since this house now has become a rare sight to see. Even though the main purpose of this building in the old time is to store the carriage but now a lot of people already remodel it into their living space.

Because of the actual purpose, this makes the building structure become very unique which make it a sight to be seen. The high ceilings that it has really give a nice architecture beauty that you might not see in modern housing.

Furthermore, the concept of open space can really help you get creative with whatever carriage house design that you want to create. The best thing that you will get from this house is the amount of space that it has.

The building itself is very spacious since the carriage is also very large in size. Usually there will be more than one floor that you can work on. And it is also often had some type of basement even though you will not find any window in it.

Nevertheless, the amount of space that it has, really useful since you can be as creative as you want to be. If you want to change the layout of the house, you can try to remodel the building, but very careful as you do not want to destroy the architecture of the building that makes it beautiful on its own.

You can remodel the space, so you can have various rooms in the building and turn it into a real house that can be used as living quarter by people. If you are still confused on what to change and what to remodel, then try to check out these carriage house remodeling ideas that we have here. It will really able to help you in determining the conversions that you can do to the space.

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