20 Classy A Former Belt Factory in Chicago’s Fulton Market

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There is an interesting view that you will find in Chicago. Well, we are talking about the presence of Fulton Market. This market is a great place for you to visit because you will find a new look here. It is because the building was not designed for a market. At first, it was a former belt factory. The building has a classy design that makes the market is so iconic.

The Belt Factory was built there but now it is a popular place for people to visit because of the market. The building is still there with a unique design. Additionally, the factory building is quite high. In front of the factory, some shops are available to attract buyers. Even though it was the former belt factory, we can learn more things about the building.

The factory belt is great to make a nice statement in this area. The environment looks comfortable. Also, when it comes to the design, it is all about how to make everyone enjoy the comfort and the style. The concrete building completes how the factory looks on the street. Additionally, when it comes to the designing area for the public, it is important to concern the practical elements of the space. It is also about the storage, the facility, and others.

Also, it is important to know the goal to build space. If you want to build something for your business, make sure that the building you have constructed can complete the needs of people involved in your business. Here, we give you the gallery of the pictures for this post. We hope that you can find some interesting ideas before building something for your business growth. Make sure that you support the inner part of the building with enough lighting design. Keep in mind that it is yours before making the space look comfortable.

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