15+ The Latest Stylish Kitchen Island Designs Ideas

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Kitchen island ideas can help you get more inspirations about how to work with your kitchen. If you provide this thing, it is more than just to give you a valuable asset to your kitchen. Well, it offers many functions. For example, this kitchen appliance offers more space for your kitchen. It means that you have more storage, as well.

Even better, you can use the kitchen island as the solution to provide more area for enjoying meals. The room is great to support a small sink, as well. But, if you have ideas about where to start when it comes to the new kitchen island, we provide you a few little tips. First, it is good to decide how big it is to complete your kitchen. The minimum size of an island is four feet of length and two feet of depth. Also, make sure that when you are adding it, your family can move and work. It is good not to add an island if your kitchen is about 8 feet of depth and more than 12 feet of length.

Now, we can talk about the cost of kitchen island ideas. This year, the average cost of having an island for your kitchen starts from $3,000 to $5,000. You can find the less expensive series, which can help you save about $100. But, if you want to build the custom-built island, it can make you spend about $10,000.

In this gallery, you can find many inspirations about kitchen island ideas. We have collected some pictures of islands for your kitchen so you can choose the nice options for your kitchen. Make sure that you measure everything carefully and create a solid plan. So, you will have a kitchen with good space to work and walk around. Hope our gallery can help!

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