15+ Admirable Dramatic Interiors With Dark Walls

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What do you think when you want to build your interior with dark walls? Well, it is not wrong at all to choose pastel, white, or neutral walls. These colors are possible. You are playing safe because you fear of dark walls. But, it does not mean that if you go with dark walls, you cannot design your home with glamorous, contemporary, and airy. It is still possible for you to complete your room with any style you like even though the walls are dark. The key point is about how to balance the strong color scheme so it can give a contrast look to others.

Since the walls are dark, it means that you should work for something without being too dramatic. It can be by adding a white ceiling. This is what you need to prevent your room so it does not like a cave and it adds a dramatic look. Also, the white ceiling is a helpful way to maintain the airy feeling inside your room. Also, make sure that you choose light-colored flooring as well to complete the dark walls.

Additionally, it is good to try dark brown for a dramatic design. You can try dark walls and do it properly so it offers a larger feel. Dark colors will only fool our eyes so that we are seeing the walls a little bit far away. Here, you can try something more than black. The alternative is dark brown. Even though you have a small room, but the warm and rich paint from chocolate brown walls are the right choice. Make sure that the ceiling and the bedding design are available in white. This is a simple way to make your room has an eye-catching design.
In this chance, we have collected some best Interiors pictures with dark walls. This idea is great if you think that you want to make a bold look to space.

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