10+ Amazing Traditional Cycladic House

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Traditional house has some interesting features that make it unique. You can complete it with rich textures, vibrant color schemes, and beautiful textiles. These elements are a must for traditional interior design. If you wonder how to go with traditional interior design that makes each room looks stunning, do not worry. Today, we provide you a gallery of traditional home designs to inspire you more. What we do is we have collected some pictures to help you get more ideas. We hope this can help you!

So, the traditional home looks great if you can add a pop of colors to the wall of each area. It is also, about how you can mix patterns and color to give an interesting look for your upholstery, pillows, and drapery in each space. Just like the Cycladic house, because space has an exciting design moment for anyone who comes to see it. The traditional home is also about how you can create a unique interior design with a unique story in each room to show off.

Other than that, you can complete your living space by doing something interesting. For example, you can try to concern about layering the hues. If you choose purple, it means you can go with some shades like orchid, eggplant, lilac, or dark berry. Use these colors for your pillows, drapery, and others. After that, you can add warmth to the entire space by adding the right color that meets the purple shades. It can be gold decorative details, dark woods, and others for your traditional house.

Do you like green? You can use this color choice for your dining room. Traditional home has high ceilings and you can add an accent by going with emerald blue for the walls. If you want to get interesting ideas, it is better to check out the gallery of Cycladic house here.

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